Saturday, October 11, 2008

Money Museum

Kingdom of England, William and Mary (1689-1702), 5 Guineas 1692, London

Mint Name London
Denomination 5 Guinea
Year 1692
Minting Authority Wilhelm III. und Maria II.
Weight in g 41.28
Diameter in mm 38.0
Metal Gold
Owner Sunflower Foundation

Russian Empire, Peter I the Great (1682/1689-1725), 2 Rubles 1718, Moscow (Red Mint)

Mint Name Moskau, roter M├╝nzhof
Denomination Rubel
Year 1718
Minting Authority Peter der Grosse
Weight in g 4.1
Diameter in mm 21.0
Metal Gold
Owner Sunflower Foundation
Roman Empire, Marc Aurel, 161-180, As, 177 AC

Mint Name Rom
Denomination As
Year ca.177
Minting Authority Marc Aurel
Weight in g 11.48
Diameter in mm 28.0
Metal Bronce
Owner Sunflower Foundation
Japanese Empire, Meiji Period, Mutsuhito (1867-1912), Yen 1870

Mint Name unbestimmt
Denomination Yen
Year 1871
Minting Authority Mutsuhito
Weight in g 1.7
Diameter in mm 13.0
Metal Gold
Owner Sunflower Foundation

United Kingdom, George III (1760-1820), Sovereign 1817

Mint Name London
Denomination Sovereign
Year 1817
Minting Authority Georg III.
Weight in g 7.98
Diameter in mm 22.0
Metal Gold
Owner Sunflower Foundation

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